Elimination Of Digital Inequality

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"Elimination Of Digital Inequality"

With our project, we aim to acquire basic skills and competences, develop and support individuals, increase learning performance, and also aim to enable adults to learn innovative practices in the digital age. To create a learning process (game / simulation) that encourages the process of eliminating the digital deficiencies of adults (digital immigrants) born before 1980, who do not have digital competence primarily in the digital age in continuous development and change. With the game that starts concretely at the table and continues in the digital environment, it will soften the transition process of adults who experience technological disabilities to the digital space. With game-based learning approaches, it will motivate learners to succeed and develop continuously, increase self-esteem, improve themselves, facilitate cooperative learning, etc. will benefit in areas. With this game, the dialogue between young people and adults will increase, so that social inclusion will take place. With our “EDI” project, DIGITAL MIGRANTS will be brought to DIGITAL MELESIS by providing basic digital competencies of adults.
The main objectives of the project are:

  • Developing the basic skills and competencies of low skilled individuals in digital aspects
  • To find a job or to ensure their continuity in their jobs
  • Providing an opportunity for an innovative educational environment to individuals who have completed the compulsory education age
  • To contribute to the integration process of individuals who were born with digital inability due to the age they were born.
  • To give digital skills training with innovative methods and techniques
  • Design and develop a special game-based learning method in order to develop adult's digital skills
  • Ensuring harmony between international organizations and adults
  • To bring 21. century digital skills to the target audience
  • To integrate innovative approaches to education in adult education
  • To support intercultural interaction among the involved partners

  • To Increase social inclusion levels among the participants
  • To exchange of good practices and experiences among the involved partners
  • To contribute to the development of language competences
Within the scope of these goals and methodology, each partner organization will provide digital equality between communities that will use their knowledge and skills from their internal dynamics on our project title, ELEMINATION OF DIGITAL INAQUALITY. Collaboration with TPMs will be expanded with workshops, multipler events, sustainability will be ensured with the digital advisory office to be established and will be used in the long term. Our target groups, which will be discussed in the short and long term, were born before 1980;
  • an employee with insufficient basic digital skills,
  • Those who are excluded from compulsory education,
  • pensioners,
  • unemployed,
  • housewifes,
  • trainers, experts or practitioners working in the field of adult education
  • decision makers at local, regional, national and European level;
  • Press and media constitute our target group in order to announce our project to wider audiences.
Our project will provide effects in 6 different dimensions; on the participants, on the participating organizations, on the target groups, at the local level, at the National level, in the EU / International Dimension. In the short term, it will provide the elimination of basic digital insufficiency on the participants and target groups. In the long term, it will enable adults living in different communities to look at the same problems from the same perspective to raise awareness on common problems with a common project.

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Project Partners

Efeler District Governorate

Efeler District Governorate is the highest public authority in the Efeler distric twhich is the only central district of Aydın province.

Efeler Adult Education Centre

Efeler Adult Education Centre is a public organization offers free courses to young and adult population formal, in-formal and non-formal education.


Ayeksa is a non-profit/non-governmental organisation. The purpose of Ayeksa is raising awareness and interest in adult education and preserving cultural heritage

AC Amics de la Biblioteca de la Fonteta

A non-formal education organisation providing learning opportunities to the people
Inštitut za raziskovanje in usposabljanje v vzgoji in izobraževanju

Institute IVIZ

IVIZ Institute is a young, private, non-profit, research and training organization established for the purpose of strengthening the non-formal segment of education and to bring innovative quality practice closer to the formal segment of education

E-School Educational Group

The organization often has a social aspect, by participating in public events and contributing by providing seminars to people with special needs and also can organize training and learning seminars and projects

Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica

Pro Scientia Publica has been operating in the field of adult education, promoting several initiatives with a focus on elderly citizens and their social inclusion


Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe.


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